“My impact is helping our research teams create innovations that solve our customers’ problems. In my role, I test our innovations at customer sites and gather real-world data to support the launch of our solutions. I’m proud that my work contributed to the successful launch of the Next Generation Liquid Laundry Detergents.”

Kevin Nguenkam
Senior Field Test Engineer
Institutional RD&E
United States


“My impact is helping grow Ecolab’s Energy Services business in our Middle East and Africa region. I’ve been proud of my part in growing our business despite the recent downturns in the energy industry. And it’s been great to win business from some of our competitors along the way!”

Emad Hussein
Regional Manager
Energy Services
United Arab Emirates


“My impact is ensuring we make good, high-quality products that meet our customers’ expectations. I’m part of the team that’s adding the first solids production lines to our Noda plant in Japan. It’s exciting and energizing to be part of a new project team and to know that our success will have a positive impact for our customers. ”

Rena Taketani
Quality Control
Supply Chain


“My impact is connecting customer needs with innovative solutions to help them grow their business in a sustainable way. Recently, I’ve been leading the development of SMARTPOWER™ in Latin America. I’m proud to see our customers use this exciting innovation to improve their warewashing operations.”

Carolina Garcia
Marketing Manager

“My impact is ensuring our Life Sciences customers are maintaining the controlled manufacturing environments needed to produce safe pharmaceutical products. In my role, I’m always problem solving and focusing on compliance and regulation so our customers can focus on what matters most to them — meeting patient demand for critical medications.”

Laura Brennan
Global Technical Consultant
Life Sciences


“My impact is helping our food and beverage manufacturing customers operate more efficiently, sustainably and safely. I work closely with a cross-functional team to deeply understand customer needs and develop solutions.”

Joanna Zhou
Segment Marketing Manager
Food and Beverage