How will we as a company prepare? What must we do to accelerate growth? How can we expand our impact to benefit more customers, more communities and the planet itself?

These are questions our senior leaders— charged with steering our ship through uncharted seas — never stop asking. And every five years, they consider a myriad of internal and external factors likely to influence our future to create a strategic plan. The plan serves as a road map from where we are today and to where we want to go and a guidebook with high-level direction — often referred to as strategic priorities—for getting there.

Strategy 2020 sets ambitious financial goals: $20 billion in annual sales, $2.2 billion in annual net income and Ecolab stock selling at $200 per share. It also establishes five priorities for how we’ll accomplish those goals.

“Significant leaps forward in key areas, while continuing to get better at everything we do,” is how Chairman and CEO Doug Baker described Strategy 2020. “Ecolab’s business model will continue to drive value for our customers. Our core capabilities remain vital to a wide range of industries, with tremendous growth potential. And with the increased demands for clean water, safe food, healthy environments and abundant energy, the world has never needed us more.”

It’s a combination of evolution and revolution. Strategy 2020 calls for aggressive action, particularly in two key areas: building digital capabilities and attracting, developing and keeping top-notch talent.

“We need to up our game in how we use digital to enable our own business strategies and generate greater value for our customers,” said Doug. “We also will need to expand our workforce to support our growth and we want more than our fair share of the world’s talent.”

Read on for a high-level snapshot of Strategy 2020 and its strategic priorities. And stay tuned. In the coming months, you’ll learn more about how your business, function and team—and how you personally — can contribute to achieving our 2020 goals.

Growth is what it’s all about. The more our company grows, the greater impact we can have as we realize our purpose: to make the world cleaner, safer and healthier, protecting people and vital resources.


“Strategy 2020 is a high-level roadmap to the future – and each one of us has an important role to play on that journey.”
Doug Baker, Chairman and CEO


“We need to embrace the idea of ‘failing forward,’ testing approaches that may not be perfected and using what we learn to quickly adjust and adapt. This has to start with our leaders.”

Jill Wyant, Executive Vice President and President, Global Food & Beverage (F&B), Global Healthcare and Global Life Sciences

“We need people who are comprehensive thinkers, who bring a solutions perspective.”

Christophe Beck, Executive Vice President and President.
Nalco Water


“Our job in Supply Chain is to enable profitable growth. Providing visibility to our end customers through digital is key to serving them well and growing our business.”

Alex Blanco, Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer.

“The biggest barriers to executing the strategy? Not recognizing that everyone has something to contribute. And not getting caught in the rut of doing what we did before, even if we do it better. We will need to bring some pixie dust—some real creativity— to get where we want to be in 2020.”

Angela Busch, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development