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Tramp Amines
“/tramp ə, mēns/

Tramp amines are an unwelcome side effect of removing hydrogen sulfi de (H2S) from crude oil. Occurring naturally in crude oil, H2S can create health and safety risks for refinery workers and reduce the marketability of refined products.

Unfortunately, the tramp amines produced in the H2S removal process often “hitch rides” into downstream refinery systems where they cause serious corrosion problems.

Traditional approaches to corrosion monitoring can easily miss tramp amines or not detect them until significant damage has already occurred. “Ninety percent of crude overhead corrosion occurs during 10 percent of operating time,” said Sam Lordo, director of process technical marketing.

But thanks to Energy Services, tramp amines can’t hide anymore. From our Pathfinder Amine Test, which quickly and accurately detects various tramp amines, to automated systems that deliver the right amount of the right chemistry at the right time, we’re the market leader in helping refiners meet their corrosion control goals.