Around the world, people are changing the way they eat: we’re ordering in, picking up, grabbing to go. We’re asking for locally grown, simply processed foods. And we’re demanding visibility across the supply chain. These changes are creating more choice and more food safety challenges. In this issue of Impact, you’ll learn about some innovative ways we’re helping customers ensure safe food as eating preferences evolve.

You’ll also learn about the role Ecolab is playing at many of the world’s data centers — where the digital cloud happens. Our work to manage water at these centers saves resources — and helps ensure uninterrupted cloud services. You’ll read about SMARTPOWER™, our first digitally connected warewashing solution, and how it’s strengthening our partnership with restaurants. Last but not least, you’ll learn about a unique global collaboration that solved a problem for dairy operators producing premium, protein-packed whey, an ingredient in foods from infant formula to muscle-building shakes.

I invite you to send your stories about how we are making a difference to impact@ecolab.com. Enjoy the issue.



Douglas M. Baker, Jr.
Chairman and CEO