There’s water and tea, and then there’s beer, the world’s third most popular beverage. In this issue of Impact, we highlight the difference we make in the brewing industry. For decades, we’ve helped the world’s largest breweries deliver consistently great taste. Now, we’re also scaling our solutions for the exploding craft brewing market. I hope you enjoy the story, perhaps with your favorite beverage in hand.

You’ll also learn about Strategy 2020, our plan for building a stronger company focused on the opportunities we have to address the growing need for clean water, safe food, abundant energy and healthy environments, while enhancing our digital capabilities and becoming a talent destination. You’ll read about a unique collaboration that tapped our cross-sector chemistry expertise to solve an oil field mystery — and about our efforts to reduce the threat of Zika, Legionnaires’ disease, influenza and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Finally, you’ll hear from colleagues whose work with our Nexa™ Hand Hygiene program is contributing to the washing of 34 billion hands a year.

I invite you to send your stories about how we are making a difference to impact@ecolab.com.



Douglas M. Baker, Jr.
Chairman and CEO