When disaster strikes, our associates around the globe jump into action.

Dad to the Rescue
Energy Services District Manager Toby Zaplac was not just a helpful volunteer, but also a terrific dad, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. His son Jimmy is board president of the Texas Zoo, and he asked his dad to bring his airboat to help when flood waters were rising. “I evacuated folks from the Fort Worth Zoo, Sea World, reporters and volunteers, along with snakes, a bald eagle, ocelots, a javelina and a goat,” Toby said. “It was an experience I won’t forget.”


Help on Two Wheels
For Attorney Specialist Mauricio Valdes Cerda, his motorcycle is usually just a quick and easy way to get around Mexico City traffic. After the September earthquake, it became a way for him to help those in need. Along with other members of his motorcycle club, he transported supplies, helped medical personnel get to critical areas and even transported two pregnant women to a hospital to give birth.


Beautiful Baby
The arrival of a baby is always exciting. But it’s quite a bit more exciting when that baby arrives in the aftermath a Category 5 hurricane. As Food & Beverage Account Manager Luis Iscaro and his wife prepared for the arrival of Hurricane Maria, they also prepared for the arrival of Chloe, who was born October 3. That’s when Ecolab associates stepped in to help. When they discovered that the family was living without electricity and fresh water, Area Vice President Victor Rodriguez, Account Manager Andres Tabuyo and Human Resources Manager Irma Martinez arranged to move them to an apartment with functioning generators and plumbing. Now back at home, Luis reports that all is well with baby Chloe: “She is healthy and strong in body, mind and spirit,” he said.

When ATMs Failed
When Finance Director Elizabeth Diaz and Controller Orlando Cosme arrived at the Bayamon, Puerto Rico office after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, they found a working generator, but it was running out of D cells. ATMs across the country were not working, so they had no money to buy more. They talked to a local bank, then drove together to downtown San Juan to
collect the cash, which was used to buy D cells and help sales and service associates fuel vehicles and get needed supplies.


Floating Rescue
What’s the hardest part about riding your boat through a flooded neighborhood, picking up stranded neighbors and getting them to safety? For Mike Donewar, district manager for Pest Elimination in north Houston, it was what happened after his boat was full: “I had to convince those I was leaving behind to sit tight and stay calm, and to know I’d be back for them,” he said. In the days after Hurricane Harvey, Mike assisted local first responders with rescues, including the evacuation of two nursing homes that held more than 250 residents each.


The Ecolab Family
Miranda Knippers, training specialist, has always been proud to be part of Ecolab. But after working nonstop for two weeks to help oversee the volunteer supply tent at the Sugar Land, Texas facility, she said: “I never thought I could be more proud to be part of Ecolab family, but this experience has made me even prouder. Our Houston team poured out its heart and did what seemed unimaginable.” Working with more than 100 Ecolab volunteers, four 18-wheeler World Relief trucks were unloaded and reloaded into F150 pickup trucks to deliver needed supplies throughout the region.